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The 12 best Android apps of 2016

By Karissa Bell2016-12-10 14:50:17 UTC Android had an interesting year. From its best flagship literally exploding to Google dropping a set of new phones and a new digital assistant, there was a lot to keep developers on their toes.  Luckily, the Android...

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The 12 best iPhone apps of 2016

Image: lili sams/mashable By Karissa Bell2016-12-09 16:28:16 UTC Developers had a busy year. Though some tried to claim that 2016 was the year apps were dying, the App Store saw some of its biggest changes — and its biggest hits — yet.  From...

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These glasses can correct colorblindness.

‘Enchroma‘ glasses have special color correcting lenses that allow people with red-green colorblindness to see true color for the very first time. While the glasses don’t correct all forms of colorblindness, dozens of people have shared emotional...

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GE integrates Alexa into its first desk lamp

C by GE lap with built-in Alexa voice services By Lance Ulanoff2016-12-07 14:00:00 UTC Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant technology, is branching out from its first home, the Echo series of devices, and finally starting to show up in third-party products. So far,...

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Money and Currency: The Differences

Money and Currency: The Differences Money being a social tool that serves as a medium of exchange and same purpose being served by currency, we often use the terms interchangeably which shouldn’t be the case. Here goes the “why” behind it. Before getting into...

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