3 Signs of a Good Man – A Must Read for Women and Men

So, you have met a man whom you really like, whose company you enjoy and you two share many things in common. It is been a few months you are dating exclusively. You have reached a point where you have to make a decision whether this man is for keeps i.e. he is

someone you would become serious and get into a relationship with or not. So, how do you make such an important decision of your life? What are some signs of a good man? Scroll down for to see good signs of a real man.

A Heart

The first sign of a good man is that he has a heart.  Some men are cold, they’re callous and they’re mean.  They don’t feel anything, don’t care about anything, don’t care if you cry, don’t care when you hurt, they are uninterested in the things that you are interested in; your feelings mean “nothing,” they don’t have a heart!

A man with a heart respects his parents, his neighbors and most importantly, a man with a heart respects the women he’s with.

Caring and Respecting

For those of you wondering, “what are the signs of a good man?” the answer lies in his caring and respectful attitude towards his woman. A good way to tell whether a man cares and respects for his woman is that such a man will never hurt his woman’s feelings. He will be loyal, caring and faithful. You may read further on what women look for in men. He will take interest in what his woman does and will give her his undivided attention.

He’s Patient

A good man won’t try to force you to be with him. He will try to impress you and convince you that he’s worth your time, but he won’t force you to do anything. If you find a real man you won’t have to worry about unwanted groping, date rape, or worse. He’ll take the time to get to know you and take things at a speed you’re comfortable with. A real man will wait for you to open your arms to him.

These are some signs of a good man. If you think that your man have these qualities then you have found your match!

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