4 Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Major responsibilities and busy at work can make connecting with your spouse quite a challenge. Fortunately, it’s not the quantity but quality time spent together that counts. Improve your relationship on different levels by using these 5 tips:-

1. Instead of complaining, whining, or raising your voice, speak softly with clear, concise, respectful, gracious, beautiful and loving language.

2. Create uninterrupted quality time. All relationships are work and to make them work, you have to work on them. If you do not grow your relationships they won’t develop. You need to schedule a date night, movie night or other romantic things with your spouse.

3. Improve how you deal with conflict. When there’s conflict, are you good at working through this together? A good way to measure this is to consider whether the conflict is likely to happen again. There’s no reason to keep having the same conflict over and over again. If that happens, you didn’t really resolve anything.

4. Give your partner romantic kisses instead of pecks. Long hello kisses tell your partner that you are happy to see him/her, long good-bye kisses tell your partner that you can’t wait until he/she returns, long thank-you kisses tell your partner that you really appreciate what he/she did for you, and “hey you, kiss me” kisses tell your partner that you want him/her.

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