4 Tips to Improve Your Concentration

Improving your powers of concentration will help you get more done in less time. Below are some of the important advantages of developing your ability to focus as well as some practical steps for achieving extreme concentration.

1. Practice. Concentration is an activity like any other. Clearly the more you practice; your concentration will become better. You wouldn’t expect to be a strong runner without doing some training. Similarly, concentration is like a muscle, the more you exercise the stronger it becomes.

2. Meditation. Daily meditation practice will definitely improve your powers of concentration. Actually, when you try to meditate, it is concentration that is the first thing you need to master. A daily period of meditation gives you the chance to specifically work on concentration techniques.

3. Get rid of worrying thoughts. Sometimes as you are trying to concentrate on a task other worrying thoughts will pop into your head; like you remember you’ve got to pick up some work from the office, you’ve got a meeting at the school, etc. To get rid of these distractions write them down on a piece of paper.

4. 2 minute mind is an excellent exercise for developing concentration. Simply stare at the second hand on your wristwatch for two minutes and think about nothing else for that time. At first your mind will wander but after 21 days of practice, your attention will not waver during the routine. One of the greatest qualities a person can develop to ensure his success is the ability to focus for extended periods of time.

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