Your retirement years present opportunities for you to do the stuffs you’ve always dreamed. It can be scary at first, but with a positive attitude you can find the happiness you desire during this special time in your life.

The key concept is to figure out what makes you happy and then go for it.

1. Be open and receptive. Change your attitude and you’ll change your life. Retirement is simply a new phase of your life one that you can succeed and enjoy if you’re open and receptive to doing so. It is a time to pursue your dreams, aspirations and make your dreams come true.

2. Plan physical and mental activities. A busy mind is a happy mind. By staying physically and mentally active, you’ll lift your spirits and will be happier.

3. Keep fit and stay healthy. You will enjoy a better quality of life when you are in excellent physical condition. You can then be active in your free time activities with your family and friends.

4. Be charitable and give more. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean monetary gifts. You can give others your time, moral support, happiness, understanding and more. You will gain happiness simply by making someone else happy.

5. Always laugh. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. If you take time to enjoy funny and relaxing activities, your mood will always be geared towards something positive. Don’t deal with life with utmost seriousness.

Your happiness in retirement will enhance the quality of your life in retirement and is likely to prolong your life.

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