Age of Insecurity

In some of the more affluent countries of the world, Britain, France, Brazil and United states, age is no problem, people are living longer now, but its not due to good medication, its simply because they are looking after themselves better, but some less fortunate ones, are struggling with object poverty.

Fearing the worst for their lives, and are facing the prospect of dying alone without comrades or companionship, while many others, some by choice, see death as a welcome relief, but the greater majority of people are tormented by the fear of growing old, many have not make the right links during their working career, so they are playing catch up, working all around the clock to make ends meet, and to put away a little in the bank for emergency.

Far from the doom and gloom that has been predicted, this year we will see a flurry of new gymnasium activity, the word out on the streets, is that health is best served when personal training effort is applied, but these pains taking efforts are mainly applied to the much younger generation, who will see themselves migrating from the lackluster syndrome, and doing something about their status, with much admiration to gain and a whole lot of confidence to do tremendous exploits.

While all this sounds arguably commendable, let us bear a thought for those enduring veterans, armed with grizzly wisdom and the cunning art of survival spirit, many who perhaps have never consider entertaining the thought of joining a gym, but have acquired alternative concepts, with increasing strength derived from years of hard work. The meaning of life seemed more evident in the lifestyle of the aged, despite adverse condition in which the poorer people of society live; they have manufactured some of the best ways for staying alive.

There is neither a swell rank of growing old gracefully, nor a group of unwanted people, who are motivated by money or the lure of pleasure, they simply live to survive; one prominent member of a British voluntary society, assessing their incalculable worth; told me that she does Avon work purely for exercise. To dampen the age old feelings of torment of insecurity seeks to justify the existence of living, being busy doing chores.

For them there is no recession, life is almost the same, in the good times and in economical times, older people has rewritten the laws of survival, and the motto is a positive antidote, living is worthwhile when you do some good deeds for others. In the society which we live, a poor old man is hardly a good advertisement for success, but if you were to engage in a conversation with an old man, he could tell you stories to make your hair grow, of course some of these stories are quiet tall, but they defy the pigeon hole outlook.

Peering over the cliffs of exhausted years, poor people find a niche in the lure of unpaid work, when enviable services in career paths have dried up, and that generation start to dramatically slow down, opportunity comes begging few and far between, older people on job seekers allowances, they have to look inwards at their own resolves, see what they can offer to society, and with steely determination, develop the will to live on gracefully, but in some family setting; there is hardly anything to show for their efforts apart from the satisfaction of moral pride, and fulfillment of personal ambitions.

The world would become a poorer place if we did not have their input, they can help society in a big way, rather than giving up after been made redundant, or having been pension off early, the veterans of this world could give their experience to others, with wise counseling to the younger generation, by way of mentoring, encouraging, and being a living role model. The poor is still with us, and the numbers are growing larger, their counterpart is benefiting from the generosity of spirit, and developing skills to unravel the mysteries that our forefathers cherished.

Where there is no indulgence to faith or pleasure, when we are getting old, there resides the conviction of  torment and insecurity, combined with fragility, a mind going on its own pretending to hide form the truth, and the older we get the more venerable we become, looking for clues and equal convictions of past dreams. Fearing what the obituary is going to say about our lives, the somber thing is that whatever we do in life, good, bad or indifferent; we will have provided entertainment for someone to sabotage with outburst of truth.

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