Anxiety and Stress Relief With Meditation

Anxiety and stress relief with meditation not only gives you relief from anxiety and stress, but dramatically improves your health and your mind. Even though meditation has enjoyed a steady growth rate in western society in the last few years, most people are unaware of it’s tremendous value.

Meditation will relieve your stress and anxiety as you practice, while teaching you to control your thoughts, stay focused and concentrate on what ever you chose.

Meditation will bring you peace of mind beyond comparison by:

  • quieting the constant mind chatter
  • quieting anxiety and stress
  • getting rid of disturbing thoughts
  • getting rid of worries
  • getting rid of negative thinking
  • improving your concentration abilities

First you will need to know something about this mysterious thing called meditation, and how to get started.

Meditation is really only a practice of deliberate concentration, the ability to focus on one specific thing or task, without mental interruption.  Most people have a difficult time holding their attention on one subject for very long, without jumping from thought to thought.

Very few people who first try meditation will continue the practice, because the term is too broad, covering too many methods and techniques.  But, when you practice this technique for anxiety and stress relief with meditation you will be able to feel your entire body and mind relaxing as tension falls away.

This is a very simple and straight forward way to learn to meditate.  Even though it might not seem like standard meditation practice, this is a very good method to learn to meditate.

Just find yourself a comfortable place to sit with a book.  Open the book to any page, pick out a paragraph and begin to count the words in that paragraph.

Count only the words in one paragraph silently in your head, over and over for about 10 minutes.  When you realize you have lost your focus, start again, and again, as you practice.  Resist the temptation to stop and do something else that you suddenly think of, just continue to count, and focus.

Do this exercise for about a week, and when you find it becomes easy to stay focused, count the entire page for a week or so.  This method will teach you first how little control you have over your thoughts, and then how they can be controlled with practice.

After a couple of weeks of this, you might start counting backwards in your mind from 100.  If you do this each day for a week, and then begin at 75 for a week, then 50, then 25, you will find that in 4 weeks or so, you can quickly throw off all stress and anxiety by simply counting backwards from 5.

As simple as all of this seems, with practice you will find yourself changing, and becoming much more calm and deliberate in your thinking, reactions, and moods.  You will notice that the calmness now gives you an opportunity to experience situations differently, and react in new and different ways.

You will find that you are not your mind, but that you have control over your mind.

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