Attract Money with Self Motivation

Self motivation is one of the most powerful forces you can use in order to achieve success, attract money and enjoy a unique lifestyle. How does one become self motivated though? Is there some sort of mystical force out there that drives some people and motivates them?

The answer is “no” – self motivation, as the name suggests, is about being able to motivate yourself without any external assistance or influence. It is a skill as much as it is a state of mind. In order to be self motivated, you must also have a positive attitude about your life as it is currently and as you see it in the future.

The first step in becoming self motivated is thanksgiving. You need to be thankful for where you are now. You may have made mistakes or errors in judgement in the past, and you may have much more that you want to be and do, but dwelling on what could have been or what might have been can be a serious and very negative distraction. Once you accept that where you are right now is your new ‘starting line’, then you can get on with the process of becoming self motivated and pursuing new goals and dreams – attract money, have a great health or attract an ideal partner.

The next important point is that you have to be a dreamer that can put dreams into action. In the self-motivational classic “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wallace D. Wattles enlightens us that “Thoughts become things”. All creations that exist start with an idea. For you, your dream might be success in your work or in your own business.

One thing about that dream is that it should be BIG. It’s not enough just to say “I want to attract more money”. It may seem like an idea but it really isn’t going to motivate you for very long. Big dreams have substance. It is like when you dream about having money for a new house. Then you start to think about the details like : walking in a silk robe, have a two car garage, an Olympic size swimming pool and a huge fish tank in one wall of the living room. You might imagine an ocean view from the balcony as a cool breeze refreshes you. You feel relaxed, graceful, and smile with a deep feeling of gratitude living in such a luxurious lifestyle. As you fill in all of those details, you realise that these are the reasons that will motivate you to achieve your goals, not just from the words “I want to attract money”.

Now, let’s look at a business dream. The first step in bringing that dream to fruition is setting some goals. You might say that in one year’s time the business will be making five thousand dollars in profit each month. In three years’ time that profit will have doubled to ten thousand dollars profit each month. At that point in time, the business will have a healthy bank account and an investment portfolio and you will be paying your employees a generous bonus each year. The next goal might be to franchise the business and start opening stores all over the country.

Do you now see how much bigger that is than “I want to attract more money”. Could you see yourself becoming motivated at the thought of building that business into a national franchise? Certainly it is quite a grand plan, but you don’t have to go that “big” to become driven and self motivated. All you really need is a worthwhile and achievable dream to set the self motivation wheels in motion. Also, you have to be the person whom you see yourself as being successful. This means that you will start to adopt the posture, observe the way you talk, the words that you speak – so that you gradually morph yourself to become the successful person which match the success that you consistently think about, dream and positively expect to happen.

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