Best Ways To Build A Strong Marriage

Falling in love and getting married embarks on a journey which can turn sweet or sour depending on the way we drive through it. A successful marriage emerges from being the right mate, rather than finding one. It is a commitment of a lifetime, which is built over trust, love and respect.

Marriage entails being available to our partners, understanding them, sharing their grief and laughter, dreaming their dreams and supporting their goals. Let go of the ego and profess unconditional love that makes marriages more successful. Couples in troubled marriages need to have open and deep communication between them to share their issues and concerns. This fosters a deep understanding and care for each other. Do not be a stranger to your partner or you will end up living separate lives.

Success of a marriage will depend upon the emotional dependence of the partners, their trust on each other and the balance which they are able to keep between their ego and love. It all points to unconditional love for each other. These traits can only be nurtured by constant and conscious efforts from both partners. Such a marriage will withstand any stormy circumstances.

How to build a strong marriage?

Building strong marriage is a continuous process which evolves over time with the marriage itself. Couples need to show each other how much they are loved and valued. The lack of appreciation triggers a feeling of discontent and insecurity which leaves the door wide open for dissension to come in.

Honesty is of utmost importance for building a strong marriage. When you speak truth, trust follows automatically. Relationships cannot be built on lies. Your partner must have believed in you to be able to share their feelings and intimacy. Many a times, marriage is also an association of two individuals with different needs and expectations.

You must show your partner that you can be relied upon in difficult times as mutual trust is the basis of a strong and successful marriage. Distrust and dishonesty are destroyers of marriage. Without honesty it is impossible to respect each other as well as resolve conflicts weakening the very roots of marriage. Respecting each other’s space, mutual trust and open communication are few traits which need to be inculcated in a relationship as important as marriage.

Marriages can also be successful if the partners keep their ego within themselves, rather than throwing it at each other. Arguments should have its place in a successful married life as they make you realize the importance of love in relationships. Couples need to be emotionally positive and sensitive towards each other. Refrain from ‘having the last word’ attitude if your want to build a healthy and strong marriage.

Complacency is another reason which impacts married life negatively. With time our priorities in life changes, life becomes busier and we start taking the relationship for granted. In the process the partner even feels neglected. Couples need to avoid this complacency by maintaining the spontaneity and passion in their love. Surprise gifts and appreciations in public can help in building a happy and strong married life.

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