Do You Know What Your Values Are?

Getting from A to B is so much easier if you know what you want to focus on. If you know what makes you happy. There are many many books about the law of attraction, about getting what you want, about achieving your goals. It is said ‘Just ask for what you want!’ Though if you don’t know what you want how can you possibly get it?

Examining your values and what you hold important in your life is the first step in achieving a happier, more enjoyable life. Knowing your values will give your life direction. You will know what to ask for, you will know what it is that YOU want from life. You will be able to start making progress and achieving the life that you want.

Something happens when you start to look at your value systems. You begin to see that many of the things you thought you valued, you don’t. They are what someone else has told you is important in life. Your current values may have come from your parents, friends, society, other influential people in your life.

I remember the day very clearly when I came across the importance of values. I was at University and the assignment was to write about my top 5 values and why they were important to me. I was shocked, it was like someone had hit me in the stomach. I had absolutely no idea! Why I hadn’t been asked about this before? Why had no one talked to me about what I believed to be important in life?

I began to examine what it was that I valued in life, I started off by googling ‘list of values’ as I had no idea where to even start! As I started reading through the list of values I became so angry. Why had I never been asked this question before?! I was 35 years old and I didn’t have a clear, concise knowledge of what I believed was important for me to have a happy, meaningful life. I was doing what other people told me to do and was wondering why I was so desperately unhappy.

Look at the list below and start writing down what it is that you value, what it is that is important to you. Then go one step further and write down why this is important to you. You may well discover you are moving through life trying to achieve something that you actually don’t value.

For example, you may write down success. What is success to you? If you don’t know what success means to you then how will you know when you have achieved this.

You may begin by writing something like. ‘Success to me is finding a secure job and working hard so that I may get a promotion and more income.’ Really? I mean, really? Is that what you think success is? I have seen people write similar sentences over and over again and when they read it back to themselves you can see the look of total confusion and frustration on their faces. This isn’t important to them! This is why they are unhappy and stressed out all the time. This is what other people, this is what society has told you success is. People will often then say ‘Well, yes, I do value being successful, but to me being successful is owning my own business, doing what I love, doing what I enjoy. If I did that then I would be successful.”

Defining your values and what they mean to you is the first step in self development and consciously creating the life you want. Once you do this you can begin to make plans to change.

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