Emirates Palace – The Pinnacle of Luxury

With glitz, glamour and charm, the Emirates Palace is everything that luxury encompasses. It is a spectacle to see and an experience to relish; a building presenting the elegance of extravagance that promises to pamper and entice its worthy guests. Walk in to this mesmerising magic and experience Abu Dhabi in its sense of luxury that this beautiful nation is so famous for.

The Emirates Palace is in fact a hotel but its sheer magnificence has made it far more than that; it is a destination and an attraction that draws tourists in to admire its architecture and interiors that exhibit talent, skill and sophistication. The building was designed by John Elliott, an internationally renowned architect and was inaugurated in November 2005. It is lavish in more ways than you can imagine; it cost 1.9 million GBP to construct the hotel and it stands second amongst the priciest hotels ever constructed. The building occupies a floor space of 850,000 square meters and includes 2 luxury pools and spas along with its very own helipad and marina. Situated in the heart of 1.3km of private beach, the location of this building is exquisite in itself. Eden in Abu Dhabi seems to surround the Emirates Palace with over 80 hectares of breathtaking landscaped gardens. The 114 domes that tower 80 meters high only add to the remarkable exterior of the building. The interior of the palace is equally magnificent. Furnished completely in marble and gold, the inner walls are encrypted with exquisite Arabic designs and the central hall consists of a large designed dome made completely in gold. A total of 302 rooms and 92 suites are present in the building, all above upper class. Out of this there are 6 exquisite suites known as the rulers’ suites meant exclusively for the Royals of the Emirates.

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