Experts Advice on Building Self Esteem in Children

Many parents get worried when their child stay isolated or shows lack of interest in anything. Before anyone else notices, it is the responsibility of the parents to understand their child’s problems and find an appropriate solution. They should influence their child in a way that they overcome the pangs of low self esteem and lead an independent life. Moreover, for building low self esteem parents should look for self esteem self esteem techniques and strategies and implement them based on their child’s condition. For effective results, parents should know the root cause of the problem to find an appropriate solution.

Parenting is not easy and at times can be both irritating and frustrating. Nurturing small kids is not an easy task therefore; parents are advised to be careful when implementing values in the minds of their child. The busy schedule makes it difficult for parents to spend time with their kids, thus making their kids believe that their unimportant. Therefore, the first step to building self esteem in kids is to spend time with them and make them understand their importance in their life. According to few psychologists, high self esteem can be cultivated in children through acceptance, belonging, and competence, which have been discussed below:


It is not right on the part of the parents to criticize their child in everything that they do. For example, many parents get irritated at their kids for their choice of music and the clothes they wear, which makes the child consider him/her to be unacceptable. As a result, many children try to do the opposite that their parents oppose such as playing games on the computer, watching movies, listening to music, etc. Because, when children do not get acceptance from their parents they seek acceptance from their friends. Moreover, being criticized all the time can develop low self esteem in children and they prefer staying isolated from their parents. Therefore, parents are advised to understand their child’s emotion at a tender age and explain them things rather than scolding or criticizing them all the time. Parents should show care and concern towards their likes and dislikes so that they feel accepted and loved.


Imbibing the sense of belongingness in children can help in building self esteem. There are several ways for parents to express that they care for their child and understand their emotions. For example, parents can create a community within the family where children are given importance to share their opinions, listening to their problems/suggestions, and providing constructive feedback on their decisions. Children having high self esteem have the abilities to handle peer pressure and face the challenges of life with a smile.

•    Competence:

The third and useful ways of building self esteem is helping children experiencing the difficulties of life of their own. Experts say that children who have the abilities to solve the problems are more competent than others. Therefore, parents should not say “no” to their kids whenever they are interested to do something new and interesting. Although, parents should guide them but they should learn to take the first steps on their own.

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