Family Night Ideas

Family activity nights are big deals at our house! Not that we spend a lot of money or anything, but we do keep them a big priority. We know that having regular family activities keeps our family relationships fresh. The night gives us something to talk about and look forward to.

Here are some activities which don’t really cost anything:

Make Dinner Time Fun

Make family nights special by starting off with a great meal.  Add some fun to your family meals by playing family dinner games.  Games add fun to the family dinner, open up family conversation, breakup the monotony of family dinner, and encourage children to eat their vegetables and drink their milk!

Family Game Night

Multi-Faceted games that combine different kinds of skills. Great for diverse families where everyone gets a chance to shine. For older kids and adults, check out Cranium. Cranium Family Fun, Hoopla and Whonu? work for the whole family.

Theme Parties

Have a party. You don’t have to be too elaborate. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. Just dress up creatively and have a theme.

Go to the Theater

A fantastic way to introduce your kids to culture, music and great entertainment is to take them to a theater performance. Whether it’s a traveling show or your local theatre’s quarterly performance, there’s no better way to spend a Family Night.

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