What a Dream Job Is Not

So here is what a dream job is not. Any one of these items means the job you have or are considering taking on is not the one you dream of. Specifically, a dream job is not a job that…

  • Only makes life a bit more bearable
  • Takes over your life and leaves you empty
  • Takes more than it gives
  • Puts you on an endless cycle of job hopping
  • Makes life seem mundane and ordinary
  • Depresses your spirit and soul
  • Makes you select between it and the people you like
  • Involves working with people you hate
  • Does not pay you what you truly deserve
  • Hides your great abilities and qualities
  • Makes you go against your principle
  • Turns you into someone you are not

What a Dream Job Really Is

So what exactly is a dream job? It is a ideal job that pays handsomely to do great work. Work you love. You can tell it is a dream job because it is a job that…

  • Rewards you good for your special skills, knowledge and passion
  • Gives more than it takes
  • Puts you on your desired career path
  • Inspires your spirit and soul
  • Makes you feel amazing
  • Brings you closer to the people you like
  • Justifies itself by making you excited to begin the day
  • Involves working with people you like
  • Gives you with the advantages and perks that are meaningful to you
  • Builds your self confidence
  • Pays you what you truly deserve
  • Supports and strengthens your values and relationships
  • Challenges you to grow, evolve and succeed

Alright, so now you have a superior idea of what a dream job is and is not. Are you ready to…?

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