A proverb says “The fish starts to stink at the head”. So the boss of a company is a very important person.

First of all, he or she must be impartial. I personally think that it is very crucial to make a technical decision, think about somebody’s promotion, etc. impartially. For instance, my friend is a supervisor on a dairy mill. It is his family’s business so a lot of his relatives work there. But he never promotes someone because he or she belongs to his family. I think it is a good quality for a boss.

A good boss should exhibit the following characteristics:
•    Helps employees understand the role they play in helping the organization achieve its aims. Understand what motivates each individual who works for you.
•    The Boss who communicates with his employees is a treasure. Time to time, he should communicate with each and every employee individually.
•    A boss should listen to the problems, suggestions and the ideas of the employees. Sometimes an employee can suggest an idea that is beneficial for the organization.
•    Helps the employees under them achieve and develop their skills.
•    Not threatened by creative individuals: Is willing to judge an idea on its merits.

In Addition – To be a good boss, you need certain qualities. There are many opinions of what makes a good leader. I believe that leaders are made, not born.

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