Grand Bahamas Island, Things to See and Do

A vacation in the Bahamas can be full of romantic strolls on magnificent beaches or filled with days of water sports, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving on the most amazing reefs, horseback riding or just chilling out on the magnificent beaches this island has to offer.

Grand Bahamas Island is very different from the hustling and bustling world of Nassau and Paradise Island.  Grand Bahamas Island is a laid back, wonderful community of charming Bahamians who love to laugh, eat and enjoy the magnificent Caribbean weather.

Don’t be fooled by laid back; there’s still plenty to do on Grand Bahamas Island beyond just fun and sun.  Grand Bahamas Island is one of the largest and most populous islands in the Bahamas chain of islands.  Travelers can take a romantic stroll through the Garden of the Groves; this nature park is home to many indigenous species of birds, butterflies and plants.  This natural park has waterfalls and lush vegetation with nearly 10,000 different flora species and can be a family activity or provide  a romantic walk through a beautiful garden that can be both fun and relaxing.

There’s also the Lucayan National park, which has the world’s longest underwater cave system. This is really an amazing place to visit.  Once on site, there’s a short walk through the park, and there are a series of underwater caves that can be explored; this is a sight to be seen.  The light and the water play off each other in such a way that makes it appear that the water is glowing from underneath.

A very popular attraction on Grand Bahamas Island is swimming with the Dolphins; many travelers come to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.  The Dolphin Encounter is owned and operated by a local family and opened in 1989 when 2 Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins were rescued from an aquarium that closed in Nassau, Bahamas. The animals were relocated to a large all-natural seawater bottlenose dolphin habitat. Soon after, six more dolphins joined the marine mammal family which created the foundation of what is today known as Dolphin Encounters.

Often overlooked by visitors to the island is the Grand Bahamas Museum or the Perfume factory, where you can make your own fragrance.  The factory is located in an elegant white and plum replica of an old Bahamian mansion at the rear of Freeport’s International Bazaar.  There’s a free tour that takes one behind the scene of a working fragrance production operation.  The very best part of this tour is the opportunity to mix your own fragrance, bottle it, name it and bring it home with you.

Whether you decide on a long weekend or a much longer stay, you’ll find that Grand Bahamas Island offers truly a grand vacation – in paradise.

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