Happy Workers – Spreading Happiness at Office

A 2009 U.K. “Guardian” article cites University of California Dr. Mark Stibich who explained that smiling at office has numerous advantages including appearing successful, relieving stress and spreading happiness throughout the workplace. Maintaining that smile, even while working in the smallest of cubicles can be achieved in some ways.

Make Yourself Happier at Work

1. Accept the situation. Every job has unpleasant duties. If your position prevents you from being able to change the situation, try to accept it. Look for the humor in having to complete a detailed form that no one ever reads or devote your energy to thinking about more constructive things.

2. Take breaks. Giving yourself a rest is good for your emotional productivity and health. Stand up and step away from the PC for a 1-2 minutes every hour. Take time to talk with your colleagues so long as you don’t distract them from their work.

3. Take control. Feeling in control is an important factor in job satisfaction. Plan ahead to make your work more enjoyable. Keep your to do list up to date. Propose a timeline for big projects. Your manager may appreciate your initiative and you’ll avoid the stress of leaving things until the last minute.

4. Get organized. It’s easier to feel relaxed if your surroundings are in good order. Clear away clutter. Keep supplies and files you use frequently in a spot where you can access them easily.

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