Having Fun On Wonderful Beaches Around Portland

Portland is the destination to be in for all those beach lovers while you are on a holiday in England. Portland is a beautiful and a very peaceful county in South West England with many beautiful and award winning beaches. You could make your reservations at Portland holiday cottages especially if you are coming on a peak season. Portland holiday cottages offer so many flexible options for people looking for a perfect vacation. You can rent a holiday cottage with self-catering facilities and a garden near the beach while some cottages allow family pets inside. You can find Portland holiday cottages that will suit your budget and requirements.

You can certainly decide which beach to visit depending on the beach which could offer you all the facilities that you are looking for. You can choose what you would like to do the beach, go for a walk or take a swim, try scuba diving, or just relaxing by the sun deck and getting a sun tan!

Westward ho

This wonderful beach is really vibrant with ample of sun, sand and sea. The beach here is always patrolled by lifeguards and is one of the safest in the area. If you like to enjoy the beach, then you just leave your Portland holiday cottages early in the morning, and experience the energetic atmosphere here. You just carry your beach towel, sun screens, and a camera. This one is ideal for fun family bathing. Several restaurants are here. Dogs are allowed only in restricted areas. The each is quite sandy with pebbles.

Barricane beach

This beach is known for low tides, and lies adjacent to the Woolcombe beach, It separated by rocks which offer quite a picturesque landscape. You have to be very careful as this beach is not accessible at a high tide. Extremely good an interesting for children as they will get to collect sea shells. This beach even has rock pools. One can enjoy swimming and surfing as this does not have high tides. There is a natural pool at high tide.

Lynmouth bay

If you are looking for peaceful and a quiet location, then this is the place to be in. If you want to enjoy the finest sceneries of Portland, then you should indulge in its beauty. Get a sun tan or just build sandcastles with your children without any distractions. You could take a ride in a bus or train or if you are driving down, to reach here. This beach is located along a straight section of coastline, and has a beautiful background of wooden hills and served by a unique cliff railway from Lynton. Facilities available are shopping, parking, toilets are provided, access for the disables if also here, pets like dogs are allowed on this beach. Refreshments are available. A tidal swimming pool on the eastern side of the beach is available if you want to teach your children to swim or you just want the coolness of the water against your skin.

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