How to Be a Good Kisser

It is said that just after one kiss, a girl comes to know whether you are the one she can spend her entire life with, or not. I’m sure that this one liner must have stressed the importance of kissing, for all you boys out there. In fact, being a good kisser is one of the essential requirements of having good physical relations between the partners.

So let’s start and learn how to be a good kisser:-

Freshen Your Breath – If you want to learn how to be a good kisser, you have to make sure first that you do not have bad breath. Just carry some gum on you. No one wants to kiss someone with morning breathe let alone garlic breath.

Lip Care – There is absolutely no excuse for having rough lips. Good lip balm is just a few dollars at the shops. Always remember that rough lips do not feel good and your partner deserves better. You should even put lip balm on right before a kiss for the softest lips possible.

Good Move – A good move is to touch your girl’s cheek with your thumb and support her neck with your other four fingers. At this point, you can slowly bring your lips together. I must emphasize the word, “slowly.” Your lips should be lightly brushing. Pull back slightly and hover for a second before making lip-to-lip contact again. Your lips will naturally part slightly as you kiss.

A good kiss involves more than the lips. It is usually first accompanied by good conversation that leads to the kiss.

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