How to Deal With Anxiety – 3 Ways

Anxiety is a fact of life. Being part of our psychological makeup, this response is automatic when we are faced with situations threatening our sense of well-being. Since this propensity is genetically embedded on our brains, we have no way of preventing its manifestation. However, we can influence our response if we have sufficient awareness and discipline to counter its unhealthy


Here are 3 ways to help manage them:

1. Become a Relaxation Expert. We all think we know how to relax. But chilling out in front of the television or pc isn’t right relaxation. (Depending on what you’re watching or doing, it could even make you tenser.) The same is true for alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. They may seem to relieve anxiety or stress, but it’s a false state of relaxation that’s only short-term.

2. Regular Exercise – Exercising is an excellent stress & anxiety management technique – it eases the symptoms of anxiety and stress. During exercise endorphin is released and that helps in boosting your mood. Medical practitioners recommend at least 45 minutes daily exercise from up to five days per week and this can be aerobic, walking, or cardio.

3. Write Down Your Thoughts – Consider writing down your thought and feelings every day. Sometimes getting your feelings out and expressing yourself helps reduce stress. It may help you to work through your fears.

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