How To Get Anything You Want Without Effort


You cannot receive the success you are looking for if you do not know specifically what it is that you want. If you look for it, you will notice that everyone around you is extremely good at focusing on what they don’t want. They are thinking about what they don’t want, watching on TV what they don’t want, talking about, obsessing over, and in turn experiencing all that they don’t want for themselves. If they were that good at obsessing over what they did want, they would have it! The process begins when you identify and are specific about what you do want. After that, allow it.

There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have. With that in mind, think of something that you want. The instant you imagine what you want you will feel your spirit rise within you. What happens next is the only thing that keeps it away from you. You begin to sort through a list of doubts! (Disallowing/resisting) I can tell you with 100% confidence that if you had faith that you can obtain your desires…you will! When you eliminate doubt, the endlessly abundant universe will work itself around your current circumstance to bring you what you want!

When your spirit raises you experience the same feeling you would have experienced had you literally received what you were thinking of. That feeling is appreciation, or gratitude. When you receive something you are grateful for you feel appreciation. When your emotions are set to appreciation, or gratitude, that is the exact level they need to be to allow the universe to flow and bring you what you want! Your job is to leave it at that, have faith in the Universe and stay with the good feeling. Your confirmation that you will receive what you want is the good feeling itself! As you go about your day to day, look for what you want, and feel appreciation for it. By Universal law you will receive more of the same. Know that from this point on, anything that happens to you happens for your benefit. Everyday, feeling good is the most important thing you can do. Feel as good as possible, moment-to-moment.

Receiving = Gratitude + Appreciation

Appreciation + Gratitude = Literal Receiving

Now that you know it all starts with knowing what you want its time to answer the question for yourself…

WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you found this post helpful make sure you leave a comment below and let me know!

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