How to Get Up When the Alarm Goes Off

When the morning alarm first wakes you each day, do you have difficulty getting out of bed immediately? Do you usually find yourself pressing the snooze button, rolling over, and going back to sleep? Well, you are not alone in this thing. Most people do this.

Many times, after using the same alarm tone, you get used to that tone, and can ignore it. Granted, you might not be consciously doing this, but sometimes you are subconsciously. Have two alarm clocks go off at the same time of separate corners of the room. This means that you will need to get up and go to both before you can get some peace and quiet.  Also, before you go to sleep, tell yourself that it is really important you wake up early. You can teach yourself to wake up early and develop a rhythm. Be consistent, and switch your alarm tones frequently. Mobile phones have some great annoying ones. This could work if you always wake up when the phone rings!

The following method may sound crazy, but it works!

  • Get in bed during the day or early evening. Try to simulate your regular sleeping conditions as much as possible. Make the room dark, get into your normal sleeping attire, climb in bed and assume your favorite sleeping position.
  • Set your alarm for 5-10 minutes.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get up at 7am one day and 8am another. You need to teach your body when to wake up and it will not learn if you always get up at different times. Set your alarm clock to one time and never change it.

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