We live in a world that puts demand on our time all the time. If we have no plans of our own, somebody somewhere will get something for us to do. As if this is not enough, the media is constantly calling for our attention at every point! If this doesn’t happen as we shop, it’ll find us on our mobile phones and if not,it will find us in our very homes. One finds it difficult in such an environment to concentrate and undertake meaningful tasks on their own. In order to succeed, great discipline is required on our part. When done correctly, the benefits of time management are obvious to others as well as ourselves. Stress becomes a thing of past and this helps us to stay younger.The following tips will help you manage your own time and reap the benefits of a stress free life.

Plan ahead: Everything starts with a plan. No man builds a house or starts a journey without a plan. It’s therefore vital to plan activities (which end up taking your time) for the day, week, month and even the year. This way you can keep track on any progress as well as remind yourself what it is that you need to do. Make sure you set time limit(s) on your plan.

Discipline Yourself: This is key to succeeding in anything. For example people wanting to stay young have to be disciplined in undertaking various prescriptive measures to keep young. In the same vein, you have to discipline yourself in the area of your assignment. This is something you’d have to do on a daily basis. If you’ve allocated an hour of keep fit exercises, make sure you maintain this at all cost without getting other issues interrupting.

Set Targets: This important as it will help you know whether you are meeting your goals. The targets you set must be practical and timely. They must be achievable within the time set.

Review Assignments: This will help you assess your progress as well as whether or not you are using up your time wisely. This is not the time to bash yourself if you have overspent time on one thing. This should act as a learning process so that you do not repeat the same mistakes again.

Be Accountable to somebody: This is important because it helps us get that extra support that we need yet do not realize. Being accountable to someone means that you have somebody to keep an eye on your progress in terms of commitment to the cause. This is the person that will get you back on track as well as help you when you need to review your progress.

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