Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home

Dates at your place can be very romantic and help your relationship flourish even during a recession. You can have a good time while still cutting back on good restaurants and babysitters. Try these ideas for sharing a wonderful time with your partner and making simple enjoyments more memorable.

1. Fill up the backyard baby pool, pour a couple of drinks and soak under the starry night sky.

2. Pull the mattress off your bed and into the television room, pile it high with your softest pillows and blankets, pull on your pajamas, grab two spoons and your favorite dessert and snuggle in front of a movie.

3. Pitch a tent in the backyard, build a bonfire and roast marshmallows.

4. Run a bath for your lover, entice the bathroom with scents, candles, and music (away from the water) and give your lover a bath.

5. Cut out distractions. Once you are alone with your date, it’s a good idea to get rid of all distractions. Go tweet-, text, voicemail-, and status update-free to focus your attention on your mate.

6. Breakfast in bed the next morning can be simple, delicious, and a special treat, especially for mom’s who are usually the ones caring for others. Croissants, fruits, juices, coffee, or even mimosas (champagne and orange juice) will be a great start to the day after a romantic evening.

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