Laughing Proves As Effective As Exercise

Recent research shows that laughter can produce the same health benefits as physical exercise.

The benefits of laughter are on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Physically, it is an aerobic exercise, 100 laughs equal 10 minutes of rowing and it gives our internal organs a massage. Deep breathing oxygenates the blood.  One of the benefits is that laughter puts the members in a positive frame of mind and gradually makes them positive thinkers.

5 Laughter Yoga Exercises to Release Stress

  1. Argument Laughter – Voice your discontent in laughter sounds only, you can be as passionate as you’d like and point fingers if you want, just don’t hit anything or anybody.
  2. Credit Card Bill Laughter – Open an imaginary credit card bill and burst out laughing the second you look at what’s inside.
  3. Electric Shock Laughter – Imagine that everything and everybody you touch gives you a shock of static electricity. Jump backward and laugh each time it happens (make it happen a lot).
  4. I Don’t Know Why I Am Laughing – Fake laugh is fine and shrug your shoulders and make a huge smile as you look at yourself in a mirror or anybody else who might be there and try to convey the message with your eyes and body language “I absolutely don’t know why I am laughing”.
  5. No Money Laughter – Laugh as turn your pockets inside out looking for money that isn’t there.

In Addition – “Rigorous laughter can burn 400 calories per hour – more than walking and cycling combined,” claims Francine Shore of New York City’s Grabbagiraffe Laughter Club. But those would need to be serious, continuous 60-minute-long belly-laughs.

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