Live in Relationship v/s Marriage

Marriage as an Institution is very old and popular in most parts of the words but recent trends show that many people are opting out of it and prefer the less committed form of “living in “. It has been a popular thing in the Western part of the world , where people are afraid of going through another marriage, so another divorce and the problems that come with divorce is dividing up property, alimony, issue of child custody many more.

With high rate of educated people whether females or males living away from their families, it becomes easier for new generation to experiment with such relationships without being committed. The option to part away for various reasons makes it attractive and fearsome at the same time.

Marriage has as much an option of devolution as a Live-in relationship has. The only difference is that marriage being some kind of socio-legal contract; it naturally needs a formal procedure to be adopted before separation takes places. But at the same time, does it not also ensure many of the rights of the marriage partners as well.

In Conclusion:- Some couples prefer live in relation because it does not legally commit them for an extended period, and because it is easier to establish and dissolve without the legal costs often associated with a divorce.

Either ways the choice is yours and yours alone. Like it’s said, “Nothing is right or wrong: Thinking makes it so”, if you feel you cannot handle the responsibility, the apparent monotonous tone of married life and you need space, freedom, you may live-in; you might not be welcome but you won’t be renounced either.

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