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Snapchat’s new feature, Snap Maps, is freaking people out big time. 

TL;DR: it doesn’t just tell your friends where you are, it also discloses some of your activities.

To be fair, Snap Maps also has the potential to give people a very good laugh. Take this tweet, for example:

Let’s dissect these pics, shall we? The one at the bottom right clearly shows a guy face down on the mud of some river banks, while the others show a bitmoji — presumably the same guy — standing up thumbs up and smiling. 

The pics were snapped by a friend of @ALBY_LAD called John.

John told BuzzFeed News the poor guy in the pics is his friend Dave, who enjoys amateur photography

As he attempted to to take a good shot of some ferries in Liverpool, Dave got stuck in the mud.

While they were waiting for help, John opened Snapchat and saw Dave’s bitmoji smiling and doing the thumbs up. 

So naturally he sent the pics to @ALBY_LAD, who dutifully posted them on Twitter. 

People couldn’t help but roll on the ground laughing. Though some were concerned about Dave’s wellbeing:

People started to get REALLY worried: 

Thankfuly, Dave is alive and well (though a bit humiliated, we guess):

The guy who posted the pics on Twitter patiently replied to concerned people out there:

That still didn’t stop people from worrying: 

Alby is now enjoying the publicity: 


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