Patience, a Secret to Success

Our patience will achieve more than our force.

I’ve seen lots of people who want to get rich fast. People who want to get successful in the shortest amount of time. No doubt that they are resourceful and can make things move fast.

Sadly, they are still unable to get to the level of success they desire. The frustration of not being successful weighs so heavily on their head that they start losing focus.

The importance of patience in success has to be emphasized. A person who wants to be successful needs patience above all, even above resources, money and everything else. It is the most important quality an entrepreneur needs to learn and apply when she is hounded by her fears of failure.

Being patient is a essential to a life of achievement because it is the nature of things and the law of time that you cannot immediately reap where you have sown. Anything worthwhile takes time to grow and mature. So your dreams too require this time of nurturing and growth. It is during this time, when the fruits of your labour may not be evident, that your patience is most required.

The implication is clear—if we want to ultimately succeed in a significant way, we need to accept and be patient with the learning and development that go along with facing challenges.  The bridge between short-term failures and ultimate success is a challenging one, but it may well be the essential secret to success—it is patience.

In Closing: – To succeed you must have a vast amount of enduring patience.

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