Sacrifice And Success

How far are you willing to go to succeed? Are you willing to change, or even alter your lifestyle? Are you willing to analyze yourself and try finding your weaknesses? Are you willing to take your dreams to the next level?

Anything worth having in life is worth fighting for. I am not talking at all about knocking other people out of the way so you can literally climb over them. You need to focus on you, not others. The moment you start focusing on others, you start competing. Success is not a competition. If you do find you work better in a competitive mode, set harsh deadlines for you to achieve your own goals and compete with yourself. That is certainly what I do! The only time it is good to focus on others is when you are networking and building business alliances. I believe that by helping others to succeed, I will succeed even further.

Notice I did not call this blog ‘Success and Sacrifice’. It does not work like that; first you sacrifice and then comes success. By sacrifice I am talking about buying audio book, books, training materials or heading to the library if you do not want to buy material. It takes sacrifice to listen to an audio book on the way to work in the morning instead of your favorite playlist on your iPod. It takes sacrifice to read a book on investing instead of watching your favorite T.V. program. But with great sacrifice comes great reward. If you want to sacrifice a little, you will start to see some progress in your life. If you sacrifice a lot, huge changes will come.

Often in life we are faced with choices, an easy path, or a tough path. We often know that the tough path may have huge rewards, but will it work? That is a very important question… “Will the benefits outweigh the risk?” It has an equally important answer… “You will never know unless you go for it!”

I will relate to personal circumstances to show how I have been able to apply this to my own life. I recently came across an opportunity one evening while living in London. The only problem was that the opportunity was in Canada, but it was a fantastic opportunity! I would have to fly to Canada within four days, and had no idea whether or not the cost and risk involved would pay off! After speaking to my wife we asked ourselves that very same question: “Would the benefits outweigh the risk? ” The answer: “We will never know unless we go for it.” The next day I went and bought my air ticket, and 3 days later took the 8 hour flight to Canada where I stayed for 3 nights then flew back to London. Did it pay off? It certainly did! I received 3 job offers from that one trip.

Often the action its self speaks wonders to those watching in from the outside. Would I have regretted my actions if it did not pay off? No! I find it important to learn from every possible situation! I went for it, I gave it my best shot, and it paid off! It will not always pay off, but it is important to roll with the punches, get back up, and keep on moving forward!

It is incredibly easy to start a home business these days. There are so many MLM opportunities you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy. It is, however, difficult to succeed with your home business. Take the first step and start, and then sacrifice your time in a smart and consistent manner in order to see unbelievable success!

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