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I am just one of all those individuals who can simply slide into a very bad state of mind. The tiniest misfortune or issue can head to a cloud of doom descending around me, a cloud which I discover is hard to drive away and eliminate. This report looks at ways in which we can combat back, to quickly get us back into a joyful manner.

I used to be a rather delicate person, some would say that I was even terrified of my own shadow. I was constantly paranoid that folks were talking about me and joking behind my back.

Even while my parents were fantastic, I was not a joyful child or a delightful teenager. I am so unfortunate you see or so I thought i was. I strolled around as if the entire world owed me something and would often feel very remorseful for myself. I was bullied at school, it was more mental bullying rather than anything actual physical. I am certain that most individuals also get bullied and cope with it. It would keep me in a state of panic and major depression. Looking back I have to say I was a bit of a wimp in actuality.

I determined that enough was enough by my mid-twenties and chose it was time to strengthen up. I could not go on to live my life as I had been, as I would probably be deceased by the time I was fifty.

I then went to a self-help method to maximize my all round self-confidence and self-esteem. I desired to learn more about stress-management, engaging with depression, relaxation and about how to become productive in life.

What I discovered out over the following twelve to eighteen months would modify my life eternally. I had to quit feeling sorry for myself,no one is perfect and neither am i.I determine and learned to think positive.Stop worrying about the future get through today.Stop giving a damn what others think they are your friends or there not just be yourself friends will come and they will be true friends.One thing i learned is a smile sets the pace for the entire day.I learned to relax and meditate and practice yoga.I learned to love myself and to fight negative thoughts,bad thoughts create bad days ,then bad weeks then months till it is a constant in you life.I do not give a damn about what i don’t have, but i love what i do have.

Once i implemented what i learned,the black cloud began to lift and i could see daylight.Life is always a battle,there is good times and bad,but no matter what we must fight and be heard but first of all we must hear ourselves.I can not control others but i certainly can control myself.

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