Showcase Your Unpaid Work Experiences on Your Resume

If you find that when you sit down to write your resume, it’s a little shy in the areas of work experience – have no fear, there are other things you can list such as: volunteer work with a charity, professional group or association, even volunteer work at your school or your child’s school.

What constitutes unpaid work experience? Here are some examples:

  • If you’ve ever led an organized group for children, you have non-paid experience under your belt. Being a Cub Scout Leader, Girl Scout Leader, or Eagle Scout Leader involves numerous skills and talents. More about that later.
  • Volunteer stints certainly count. If you’ve ever been a volunteer, you know the dedication, skill and work it requires.
  • Being a member of your local school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) can be considered non-paid work experience.
  • Serving on community committees would certainly count.
  • Perhaps you’ve done a lot of babysitting over the years for neighbors, friends and family members. Babysitting requires many skills that can be showcased on a resume or in an interview.

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