Skin Care for Newborns

Your newborn baby skin care will help guarantee both coziness and best possible health. Similar to adults, a baby’s skin is the first line of protection against illness. It’s frequently considered as an organ of the immune system and remains a physical barrier against disease.

Tips for baby skin care

1. Don’t use baby products in the early months. The immune system is still developing. If you have a family history of skin problems, allergies, or asthma, it’s especially important to protect your baby’s immune system — and protect baby from irritating allergens.

2. Don’t use bath tub for babies, it may take as long as a month for the newborn’s umbilical knot to drop off naturally. You could bathe your newborn by just filling the tub to underneath navel point.

3. Wash new outfits before your baby wears them. Make sure your little one’s new togs are clean before you slip them next to that sweet newborn skin. But don’t feel pressured to buy “baby” detergents.

4. Most baby powders contain tiny particles that irritate the skin, says Stave, and many contain fragrance, a leading cause of allergy and irritation.  Under all circumstances, avoid baby powders containing talc.  Several studies have linked talc to cancer.

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