The Distance Between Dreams and Reality

I do not know if you have not heard of the case: the distance between dreams and reality is that our metal approach… Psychological factors will shape our lives and I always think is this good or bad? But I understand one of the most brutal truths: we cannot get away from our psychology and we cannot get away from it for our dominant.

Sometimes, I will think it is a good thing. After all, the psychological approach will bring us success. When I occasionally think about my own children dreams, I feel funny, but still did not give up. Maybe the reasons of my character, I want to continue to pursue some better things. In this hesitant, the life develops towards the direction that can be expected and cannot be expected.

Suddenly I remember when I was a child, in order to the teachers’ stars and praise commented on my composition excitement for a long time, but also remember that I sat on the bed to write something at midnight. Whether they are positive by people, or is addressed to ourselves, the feeling deep inside still has only become vague. Now more often is at work. Work for what? I think now it is not very comprehensive, but to some extent, know that if we do not work, the future life will not be smooth.

I do not belong to that kind of young people. Into the gate of 20 years old, our thinking is destined to become mature. I tell myself more than once: I need to progress and need to go my way well. And then I tell myself more than once: on work, I need to be calm and take the time.

In this way, to the distance between dreams and reality, I choose the more practical and less a dream. But it does not mean I would not have dream, perhaps I want to thank life, because of work, and I have more and more dreams. In the daily time, set my own goals, work towards the direction, which is now in my pursuit of life.

Sometimes, I will think it is good. After all, I am reality. While I am constantly thinking and making self-reflection, I got more. Moreover, in the constant practice, I learned more than others. Like this, day by day goes by, I learned a lot.

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