The Most Beautiful Parisian Park – Luxembourg Park

Paris, the capital city of France and one of the most popular cities in Europe, is a city which is known for its uniqueness. Rich in culture, heritage, architectural marvels and many other attractions, Paris is a tourist destination which is intriguing, exciting and full of wonder. The city is also known for its development in the fields of commerce, fashion, entertainment, education and the arts.

Paris is known for its scenic beauty and relaxing places which are immensely popular amongst families and couples, and one such place is the Luxembourg Park. Easily classifiable as one of the most renowned and beautiful parks in the world, the Luxembourg Park has marvelously integrated itself into the city of Paris, and now stands as a landmark in the city.

The Luxembourg Park came into being after King Henry IV’s death, when his wife Marie de Medicis, extremely saddened by her loss commissioned the construction of the Palais du Luxembourg and its gardens – which are said to resemble her childhood home – so as to comfort her grief. The park was completed in 1625, but its present form was reached only in 1790, and ever since then has been a place of great beauty and serenity. Lush with greenery, lined with Parisian statues, fountains and sculptures, along with many strolling paths the Luxembourg Park is a truly relaxing place to spend an evening in with your family or loved ones. Some of the notable features of the site include the Medicis Fountain, a replica of the Statue of Liberty in bronze and a multitude of terraces and paths. The park also has many beautiful ponds and flowerbeds, while also having a Marionette theatre, open-air cafes and eateries, playgrounds, and tennis courts as well, thereby offering a wide range of activities to engage in while at this gorgeous park. Therefore it is clear that the Luxembourg Park is one of great beauty and offers a relaxing and intriguing Parisian experience which can be enjoyed with one’s family and loved ones.

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