There Is No Magic Wand For Knowing How To Attract Women

There are men out there that may wish they had a magic wand, a wand that would instantly turn them into the most charming, irresistible man, but sad to say there is no magic wand, but it  is not all doom and gloom for those guys that seem to have no confidence when it comes to approaching women, just take a look at what you are currently doing and change what is not good.

How to attract women is not a very complicated science, and involves very basic things which you need to address, with these issues taken care of, you will be able to attract any girl, even the ones that you may have thought were unreachable.

Having confidence plays a major part in the attraction game, women like to see a man confident, but take care there is a difference between being confident and arrogant, confidence will help you to never lose faith in yourself.

Be charismatic, but be careful not to remain in the friend zone, very often a guy will meet a lovely girl and become friends, but if she is the one, get out of the zone, as her boyfriend you can still continue talking to her, helping her, praising her but you want to go further, and if you get stuck in the friend zone it is difficult to get out.

How to get girls goes hand in glove with good grooming, put yourself in her shoes would you want to been seen with someone who doesn’t look descent and well groomed, thus basic hygiene and nicely brushed hair, well dressed, you don’t have to dress up like a ‘dogs dinner’ but nice clean well cut clothes will work wonders on getting your girl.

Listen and respond to her, your conversation should not be one way, discuss current issues and ask her opinion, take an interest in her and what she does, ask her questions, in this way she will know you are being attentive and will develop an interest in you, you are on the road of learning how to talk to women.

Women love men who have a sense of humour, and more importantly can laugh at themselves, an amazing sense of humour will hold her interest sharing her private little jokes, and add to a magnetic personality, tolerance and a forgiving nature will work for you in the quest of how to get a girlfriend.

Most women like men who can relate to their friends, and if her friends approve of you it will be one of the biggest and most significant approval she gets, be sociable and show her it is a case of love me love my friends.

A spokesman for the Social Attraction Academy headed up by Gary Goldstein said “yes at our academy we can actually coach a guy on dating tips, how to talk to girls, and how to pick up girls it all boils down to ones belief system, log on and see how we can help”.

There are many dominant factors that play their part in how to get girls, the most important thing is not to pretend, simply because she will find out whom you really are, be yourself and you will be sure to find the girl who best suits you.

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