Things that Can Prohibit You from True Self Growth

If you’ve decided to practice a few measures towards self growth, then good for you! It takes a bit of chutzpah to admit to yourself that you need a bit of self improvement, and to follow through with this goal to the very end. That said, however, you will be facing a lot of pesky obstacles throughout this endeavor, some of which can actually hinder you from accomplishing your goal altogether! The best way to remedy this is to familiarize yourself with these obstacles right away, so you can at least do your best to avoid them.

Here are five of your so-called “enemies:”


Your greatest hindrance towards self growth is yourself. It isn’t anyone or anything else. If you really want to push for self improvement, then you have to actually believe that you can achieve this goal. In the end, you are the only person who can outright stop yourself from doing anything progressive or positive. So, if there’s anyone who needs to be in the right mindset and needs to be convinced of your endeavor’s benefits, it’s yourself.

    Your Job

What you do for a living can be an enormous factor behind your self growth. Do you think that your job meshes well with your self improvement endeavor, or does it only distract you from truly becoming a better person? If you can’t move because there are too many pressing yet uninteresting things to attend to at work, then maybe you should get a new job. Maybe it’s your job that is keeping you from truly shining.

Your Family

Your family may love you wholeheartedly, but there will be some times when your self growth endeavor can be hampered by your own flesh and blood. This is because most families are focused on keeping traditions alive, and this includes the characteristics of each of the family’s members. How can you practice self improvement when progress is something that your family members are very wary of? If this is the case, try your best to focus on what’s best for you, and not for them.

Your Friends

Of course, not all of your friends will prove a hindrance to your self growth; there will simply be a few people who will turn out to be just fair-weather friends after all. Some may not go out of their way to help you with your self improvement endeavor, while others may actually try to sabotage your plans for their own benefit. Be careful, then, with who you hang out with and who you place your trust on. The truer the friend, the more they’ll want you to be a better person.

Old School Lessons

Sometimes, no matter how much we want to achieve self growth, some of the things we learned all the way back in our school days can get in the way. Most of us were taught that having so-called “noble” occupations like being a doctor or a lawyer were the only path towards success, or that we have to respect our elders no matter what they say. If we remain this close-minded for the rest of our lives, self improvement is not going to come easy, if at all. You have to unlearn what you learned and stick with what rings true.

Remember that improving yourself is the best endeavor you could ever undertake. You only have one life to live, after all, so you really have to make the most of it. If you feel that you are not the best person you can be just yet, then strive to become that person! Nothing is more admirable and worthwhile than this pursuit to becoming a complete and well-balanced individual.

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