Time And The Correct Management

Time itself cannot be managed since it will move on no matter what we do. The trick is to manage the things that we do to make the most out of the time we have.

Everything that you should do to better manage your time should have one target, and that is managing your focus. The more you are focused on what you are doing, the more productive you will be and the less stressful will be the task. An increase in focus can be attained by lessening the distractions and interruptions that will distract you from whatever it is you are doing.

Remember that small changes often make the biggest differences in time management. To be able to have more focus, turn off the alert for new messages on your mobile device or computer. New message alerts are one of the worst interrupters at work.

Whenever you see the alert flash or hear its sound, you are disrupted from whatever it is you were thinking and it distracts you from the work at hand. You might reason out that such alerts will just take around four seconds each to attend to. But consider that, if you have a hundred such alerts in a day, that would be equal to four hundred seconds already, which is equal to six and a half non productive minutes.

If you are going to compute it for a 220 workday year, that is more than twenty four hours of inactivity.
To be able to do more, you should do one task at a time only. People cannot handle multitasking that well, in spite of what others might say. Think about the time when you were conversing with someone while writing something.

You were not able to do both effectively, right? This is because your brain needs a moment to cycle up between activities. To avoid such ineffectiveness, concentrate on one task first before moving on to the others.

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