Are you trying to win the heart of a new crush and do not know how to do it? Then follow these important dating ideas.

1. Be Yourself, Be Real

Do not try to be someone else, because people can tell if you’re inventing something up to impress them. In fact, you want to appear relaxed and sincere about getting to know your date better as a person.

2. Be Interesting and Funny

Everyone loves someone who is interesting and has a good sense of humor. Broaden your knowledge on current topics that will interest people and learn to tell jokes (nothing corny or offensive please!) or even stories (inspiring stories always get people’s attention). Do that and you’ll find yourself breaking the ice easily and winning your way to someone’s heart as early as your first date!

3. Be Courteous

You might be surprised to know that women love men who are genuinely nice and they can easily tell by their manners. Show your best qualities! Compliment your date if she looks great, help her hold the door, and as much as possible, never interrupt her if she says something important.

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